Company Information


Bring more comfortable and modern life standards to the community.

Business Lines


Civil, industrial, traffic and infrastructure projects.


Property project development, warehouse and workshop for lease.



Focus on medium scale construction projects with a value of up to 300 billion dongs in the field of civil construction, traffic and industry; attach special importance to the strategic markets of the company and expand to national defense capital markets, industrial zones and property projects.

Attach special importance to improvement and renovation in each phase, pay special attention to investing in new equipment and technology in order to improve quality, shorten time and reduce production cost.

Property Projects

Focus on customers who have demand for housing and property investors by middle-class residential projects with lots of modern facilities.

Attach special importance to cooperating with parties in order to take full advantage of strengths of each party in every project.



Revenue in the next 5 years grows by 100% compared with 2014. Rated one of top 100 companies in Vietnam in the field of construction quality management.

Development Of Property Projects

Invest in 2-3 property development projects in the next 5 years. Profit from property business account for 20%-30% of annual profit of the company.

Core Values


Renew solutions frequently from combining existing values and new ideas, making differences to maximize customers’ benefits and develop the company.


Respect the differences and dignify the exchange of ideas, be unanimous to optimally achieve common goals.


Protect trust as well as honor.


Knowledgeable, do right and project reason


Overcome all difficulties and challenges by will, competence and experience to make today better than yesterday.

Commitments Of The Company

For The Society

For users: always receive the best products compared with investment value.
For environment and community related to the project and construction works built by the company.

Tay Ho commits to sustainable development through environment-friendly policies, assure safety, limit bad effects on the community to a minimum during the construction and project implementation process.

For Laborers

Through salary and bonus, training, welfare and appointment of talented people to important posts policies, the company commits to laborers a professional and dynamic working environment for self-training and development.

For Shareholders

Ensure short-term and long-term benefits of shareholders:
• Maintain growth rate and profit rate of the company
• Ensure transparent and adequate information for shareholders
• Build up sustainable development strategy of the company suitable for each phase.