Bring more comfortable and modern life standards
to the community
Message from the chair woman

CEO of Tay Ho Join Stock Company

For over 25 years of operation and development in the field of construction and property, more than anyone else, we know thoroughly that we are performing the mission of bringing more comfortable and modern life standards to the community.

With the roads, schools, hospitals, factories and new urban areas that Tay Ho has been building, we respectfully send our future customers and users a civilized and modern lifestyle, a sustainable developed community, a peaceful life and settlement for people to think well, live well, do well and be happier.

In the development strategy in the next few years, Tay Ho will continue considering construction as the basis field of all trading activities; investing in property for future accumulation, creating growth power and asserting sustainable development. By giving priority to exploiting our strengths and key competences for expanding investment cooperation, we undertake to bring good values to our partners with the win-win principle as we have been successfully implementing over the past few years.

On our development path, we acknowledge that in order to succeed and develop in a sustainable way, in addition to sound strategic orientation, respecting business ethical values in business, paying attention to staff building in order to bring the most added value to customers, contributing to life quality improvement are humane business philosophy which we always aim at.

With core values as guideline for every action, and the direction of Board of Directors and Board of Management, Tay Ho will achieve its goals.

Thanks to the cooperation and support of our partners and customers; the trust and unanimity of the staff, Tay Ho has got present achievements, which give us confidence and motivation to steadily continue our development path.



Big gain, big challenge, Tay Ho Company has proved its strength through growing market share and privilege in all its key markets.

Our most honor achievement is the trust from all partners, shareholders, employees and the public.

Meet our most talented and important people who have built and lead Tay Ho JSC to success.

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